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  To all our friends, old and new, reading these web pages: We finished the Great Loop cruise in August 2003, and we continue to cruise the Inland Rivers when we can. In the summer of 2007, for example, we spent seven weeks exploring the Upper Mississippi River (Cairo, IL to Minnesota). We've been on the Lower Mississippi (Cairo, IL to New Orleans) five times: twice from mile 599 to New Orleans, three times from the mouth of the Ohio to the mouth of the White River (entry to the Arkansas River system).

While this site contains commentary and photos of our Great Loop trip, we will keep adding to it as we cruise new--or well loved--waters. A cruise log for the recently completed Mississippi River cruise is also available.

If you're new to this site, be forewarned--there is a lot of stuff here! New readers or old, we're glad you're here, checking out our adventures. We'd love to hear from you. Send an e-mail to Gary or to Coleen.

The Great Loop cruise legs are described in chronological order. Because we started our Loop much farther west than many Loopers do, and because our location meant we had to cruise the Lower Mississippi River, we covered many more miles than is typical. In addition, we made what was for us a side trip to the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers (most Loopers go south on the Tennessee and Tenn-Tom rather than take the Lower Mississippi). Having done both, we'd take the Tennessee and Tenn-Tom every time.

Calypso Poet spent three years on the Tennessee River, and we're glad to answer questions about this magnificent river, as well as our home river, the Arkansas. It's pretty cool, too, although not as developed.

Photos: This site has a lot of pictures, and we are adding more all the time. Because we are moving the website to a different server (September 2007), some of the photos are not presently available. We are working diligently to get everything transferred and working properly. If you encounter any kind of link that does not work, please let us know.



Calypso Poet Cruise MapMap legend

dark green line: Great Loop route in 2002-2003
orange line: Arkansas-Pickwick cruise in 2004

dark red line: Tennessee-Cumberland Rivers cruise in 2006
blue line: Mississippi River cruise in 2007
light green line: Miscellaneous boat deliveries on the Tenn-Tom,
 Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas Rivers, and Gulf crossing
red cube
: Our home port, Little Rock, Arkansas


Great Loop Cruise Legs, in Chronological Order
Leg 1: Maumelle, AR to New Orleans, LA, July 1-13, 2002
Leg 2: New Orleans, LA to Mobile, AL, July 14-25, 2002
Leg 3: Mobile, AL to Pickwick Lake, TN/MS/AL, July 26-August 12, 2002
Leg 4: Pickwick Lake to Lake Barkley, KY, August 12-September 2, 2002
Leg 5: Lake Barkley, KY to Fort Loudoun & Tellico Lakes, TN, September 2-October 13, 2002
Leg 6: Fort Loudoun & Tellico Lakes, TN to Mobile Bay, AL, October 14-November 9, 2002
Fairhope, AL: November 7-10, 2002, Rendezvous of America's Great Loop Cruisers Association
Leg 7: Mobile, AL to Miami, FL, November 10, 2002-February 23, 2003
Leg 8: Miami, FL to Norfolk, VA, February 24, 2003-April 23, 2003
Leg 9: Norfolk, VA to New York, NY, April 24-May 17, 2003
Leg 10: New York, NY to Midland, Ontario, May 17-June 12, 2003
Leg 11: Midland, ON to Chicago, IL, June 14-July 12, 2003
Leg 12: Heartland Rivers and Home / Chicago, IL to Maumelle, AR, July 22-August 3, 2003


Recent Cruises, Future Cruises, and Other Fun Stuff
May 31-June 17, 2004: Maumelle, AR to Pickwick Lake, Iuka, MS (cruising the Arkansas,
Lower Mississippi, Mobile, Black Warrior, Tenn-Tom, and Tennessee Rivers)
Joe Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, AL: Fall 2004 Rendezvous of America's Great Loop Cruisers Association (Tennessee River)
Summer 2005: Pickwick to Land Between the Lakes and Back (Tennessee and Cumberland
Summer 2006: Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers
Summer 2007: Upper Mississippi River (Tennessee, Ohio, Upper Mississippi,
Lower Mississippi, Arkansas Rivers)

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